Professional RegistrationWith over 15 years in the beauty industry, we’ve found a huge void that affects both estheticians and our clients. As estheticians, we needed somewhere to shop for and sell quality skincare products and esthetic supplies. With so many advertisements and opinions out there, it’s hard for our clients to differentiate between legitimate information and marketing gimmicks regarding skin care products. As estheticians, it is our job to sort through the confusion for our clients and educate them on proper skincare.

We all know that the beauty industry caters mostly towards the cosmetology sector by offering an abundance of hair care shops and retail space just for hair supplies, for both cosmetologists and the general public. The skincare field has been overlooked for far too long. Skincare Factory is ready to change all of that. It is designed specifically for estheticians by estheticians. It’s not only a place to shop, but it’s also an opportunity for estheticians.

 Become an EstyPro

Skincare Factory is becoming that online esthetic supply store designed for estheticians to not only buy professional skincare products and esthetic supplies but also have a reliable place to sell our clients their at homecare needs. Our EstyPro program provides small business owners, and up and coming entrepreneurs in the skincare industry the space to be able to offer a variety of professional skin care products to our clients without spending a fortune on physical inventory. Once you’re logged in as an EstyPro at Skincare Factory, you’ll be abler to professionally recommended products for your clients and once they decide to purchase the products are shipped directly to their client’s address.

Endless numbers of esthetic students graduate each year. Shortly after they become licensed many of them end up back in corporate America working 9 – 5 jobs or in a competely unrelated field due to tough circumstances within our industry. Many graduates continue practicing esthetics part-time but are confined by industry limitations. Recommending our client’s skincare products has always been second nature for us but the ability to recommend a place to buy those skincare products has always been foreign.

This is the exact place where Skincare Factory fits in. We provide an opportunity specific to estheticians and esthetic students to be able to recommend products without carrying the physical inventory. This offers you the freedom to work part-time or maybe even full-time as an esthetician, still have a family, have the flexibility to work from home, and then ultimately be compensated for sharing your knowledge.

The dream is to offer women a new type of economic freedom in the beauty industry while still maintaining a work-life balance. If you are a licensed esthetician or currently enrolled in an estheic school this is for you! Joining is free. Fill out the registration form below and become an EstyPro to enjoy the skincare opportunity!

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